Satisfy your love of fresh seafood at the Watergrill in Denver!


You may have guessed it by now, but I love seafood! I was really hesitant, but I was told to check out The WaterGrill in downtown Denver and I am so happy that I did.

I want to start off by saying this place does not really cater to my budget baddies, but if you are in the mood to pay for quality, this is your place.

I loved the fact that when you walk into this restaurant, the seafood is like “BAM” in your face! I mean they are shucking oysters; they have tanks with live Alaskan King crab, Australian Spiny lobster, and North American lobster all in front of you, so you have the choice to literally choose which one you want to eat.

Watergrill Appetizers-

I started with the crisp calamari which came with harissa aioli and a cilantro-mint sweet chili sauce. I also tried the Oyster Sampler which were raw, but each had a unique flavor, they came with served with fresh horseradish, mignonette, cocktail sauce, and habanero-lime relish.

Watergrill DRINKS-

I am going to be honest here, the drinks were unfortunately not the best. I want to mention they were pretty but for drinks starting at $15, I expected more. I tried the Mezcalero which was made of tequila and had strong notes of fresh fruit juices like orange and pineapple. I ended up just getting a house tequila on the rocks to continue the experience.

Watergrill ENTREES-

Ok, here we are at the good part 😊

I ordered the chargrilled Australian Spiny Lobster, (I only wanted the 1lb, but they only had 2lbs, so I decided to splurge a bit), it came with a homemade coleslaw, but I ordered a Caesar salad in case I didn’t like the coleslaw. (Sidenote: I didn’t care for the coleslaw.) The lobster was huge, sweet, and cooked well, I ordered extra garlic butter to pour over the top.

My real subtle favorite of the night, (other than the bread rolls and butter) was the Mississippi black sea Bass with grilled broccolini and the seven-cheese sauce Mac and Cheese. This fish was cooked beautifully, perfectly flaky and melted on your tongue like butter. I added some shakes of salt and pepper with a little of the garlic butter and OMG!

Overall, as a seafood lover in Colorado with no ocean, this place makes me feel just a little closer to the coast. The ambiance was great for solo diners, couples, or families. Unfortunately, I didn’t care for the bar or the drinks but in downtown Denver, there are plenty of other places to go drink beforehand (and after).

Price range can vary depending on appetite, amount of people dining, if drinks are ordered and the menu ordered from. See their menu here:

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