Stay comfortably at the Homewood Suites in Destin Florida

Hotel Review: Homewood Suites in Destin, FL

I started off my time in Destin by checking into the newer Homewood Suites hotel. This brand is part of Hilton, and I was able to locate them right on the Hilton app. As always, I compared the prices listed on the website versus the app, especially when trying to use points (sometimes, they try to play with me on those prices), just to make sure I was getting the best deal for what I wanted. I chose Homewood Suites in case I decided that I wanted to cook some fresh seafood since their suites are equipped with full kitchens. And when I say ‘full kitchens,’ I mean FULL kitchens—from a full-size fridge to a dishwasher to an oven and all the utensils needed to do your thing! Needless to say, I had all this, but I didn’t cook, not once!

I stayed in Room 507, which, although on the fifth floor, had access to an ice machine and an elevator, so accessibility-wise, it was not an issue. The view from the room was awesome—I could see the ocean, the pool, the street, the adventure park next door, and a softball field.

If you have kids, you’ll also have a view of the kids’ wet play area and the dry playground. So, this room’s view covered all the bases. The hotel placed me in room 507 on the 5th floor, which was actually lovely since I had views of the pool and the ocean in the corner.

In terms of amenities, the hotel had a nice gym, pool, and jacuzzi. The kids’ wet play area was in its own section with sightlines to the pool, and the kid’s playground was directly across from that.

There was a small dog run where pets can relieve themselves, and I forgot to mention this was a pet-friendly hotel! Lastly, there are plenty of food options nearby, and the beach is across the street.

Um, what else? Oh yeah, the hotel offered free breakfast until 9 or 9:30 am. It wasn’t the best, but it was pretty good if you wanted to have something in your stomach before a day of activities or drinking.

My only cons about the room were that the bathroom was really tight and faced the bed. There was a door in between the toilet/shower and the sinks, but again, the space was very limited. The bed was very comfortable, but there was a fire alarm that flashed a green light very brightly at night. This became very annoying when trying to fall asleep.

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In Conclusion

Overall, my time in Destin at the newer Homewood Suites hotel was a memorable experience. Being a part of the Hilton brand, it was convenient to locate and compare prices through the Hilton app. The option of having a full kitchen in the Homewood Suites was a deciding factor for me, although I ended up not cooking during my stay.

Room 507 on the fifth floor provided accessibility with its proximity to the ice machine and elevator. The view from the room was simply breathtaking, encompassing the ocean, pool, street, adventure park, and even a softball field. Families with kids would appreciate the additional view of the kids’ wet play area and dry playground. The hotel’s amenities, including the gym, pool, and jacuzzi, were enjoyable. The separate section for the kids’ wet play area, with sightlines to the pool, and the adjacent kid’s playground added to the family-friendly atmosphere. Moreover, the hotel’s pet-friendly policy and the presence of a small dog run were definite bonuses.

While there were plenty of dining options nearby and the beach just across the street, the hotel’s complimentary breakfast, although not the best, served as a decent start to the day’s activities. However, there were a few downsides to the room. The bathroom was quite tight and faced the bed, and despite the presence of a door between the toilet/shower and sinks, space was limited. Additionally, the bright flashing green light of the fire alarm proved to be an annoyance when trying to fall asleep, though the comfort of the bed helped alleviate this inconvenience.

Overall, despite a few drawbacks, my stay at Homewood Suites in Destin was enjoyable and provided convenient amenities, stunning views, and a family-friendly environment. I would recommend it to those seeking a comfortable and well-equipped hotel for their stay in the area.

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