Is the Luxury Intercontinental Lisbon worth staying at?

Is the Luxury Intercontinental Lisbon worth staying at?

A Hotel Review

This was my first time staying with the luxury brand IHG hotel, Intercontinental Lisbon.

As I hopped out of the Uber, I ain’t gonna lie: I felt like royalty. I mean, I felt kinda like that moment in a movie where the main character steps out in slow-motion and cameras are flashing, the character is smiling and waving, LOL!

I really loved that feeling upon entry. Intercontinental was already getting on my good side.

I walked up to the all-glass front doors of the Intercontinental Lisbon hotel. The hotel was huge and was situated on an upward slope with beautiful views of the city of Lisbon and the very green Parque Eduardo VII across the street.

The foyer of the hotel was beautiful. It felt like Portugal and America shook hands, and the décor was the result of their friendship—a friendly mesh of a Portugal-American vision using tile paintings with Lisbon motifs and Portuguese traditional luxury. The smiles from the friendly staff were charming, and they made me feel right at home away from home during the check-in process.

Intercontinental Lisbon foyer

Being that this was my first time in Europe, the Intercontinental Lisbon spoiled me. I can’t forget about my Amex Platinum benefit. Since I booked the hotel through my Amex travel portal, I received a $200 cash back benefit as well as extra added bonuses like a free room upgrade, hotel credits, and early check-in. If you are an avid traveler, I highly recommend looking into the Amex Platinum credit card for some great benefits! Check out my share link here.


Back to Intercontinental Lisbon. As I mentioned, I was getting spoiled with my room upgrade, walking into a huge room with views of the city of Lisbon, rooftops, and the park. The room accommodations included a mini fridge, smart TV, a king-sized bed, blackout drapes, American and European outlets. (If you didn’t know Europe has a different electric outlet than the ones in the USA, check out more of my tips for Lisbon here.)

Intercontinental Lisbon room

The bathroom included double sinks, a bidet for cleaning, and all the smell-good amenities from BYREDO. If you have not smelled BYREDO scents, what are you wasting your money on? I’m talking about experiencing the beautiful scents in their hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. My favorite scents currently are “Bal d’Alfrique” and “Rose of No Man’s Land”.

Not sponsored currently, but check out BYREDO’s products here.

Intercontinental Lisbon bathroom
View from Intercontinental Lisbon


After taking a nap and waking up to the glowing lights of nightlife, we decided to head out.

Intercontinental Lisbon at night

Intercontinental Lisbon does have a restaurant and bar onsite, but I was ready to explore. Luckily, even once the sun went down, there was something to do or somewhere to go on almost every corner. The location plays a big part in the rating. I mean, it wasn’t exactly where everything was; however, the location was in a convenient spot to get to everything. For example:

  • There are plenty of restaurants and bars within a walking distance of 10 mins.
  • Amoreiras, a shopping center for some retail therapy, was about a 13-min walk away.
  • Bairro Alto, the real party scene, was about a 30-min walk away.
  • Lastly, if you are not up for walking (which there is a lot of walking in Lisbon), there was a convenient pick-up and drop-off spot for Uber.

Onsite Dining/ Room Service

Due to the credit from Amex, I went wild with room service after a trip to the lobby bar. Although I didn’t care for the drinks (the drinks were more on the pretty side than designed for the drink to actually work), the service from the bartender was excellent. They were very attentive but understanding while going over the menu and helping us to decide on the drinks we wanted. Additionally, the bar was cozy with bar seating and lounge seating for big groups.

I did not visit the restaurant, Akla, which offered dishes inspired by local Portuguese food and flavors.

Room Service

Surprisingly, there were some menu items that were available 24 hours, but for the most part, the menu was pretty diverse throughout the day. Since it was late night when I called for room service, we were limited to certain pizzas, sandwiches, a Greek salad, and select pastas.

Club Sandwich with bacon, egg, grilled chicken, romaine lettuce, and French fries.

Black Angus hamburger, smoked bacon béarnaise, lettuce, aged cheddar, and French fries.

(Look at the condiments. IDK why in Europe, they tasted better. Probably all in my head—LOL!)

Overall, for late-night room service, I was satisfied, honestly, it wasn’t the best food, but again for the time of night and with the condiments to spruce things up, it was pretty decent.

Note: The hotel does offer an Intercontinental breakfast which stops around 10:30 am or 11 am. Although the food selection is not fancy, the mimosas were unlimited, so there’s that!

Overall Impression of the Intercontinental Lisbon:

This was my first time staying at Intercontinental Lisbon, and I was truly impressed. The stay was amazing, from the beauty of the hotel, the service from the staff, and really just the overall experience. If you’re planning a Lisbon trip, the Intercontinental should be on your radar! And honestly, those Amex Platinum perks? If you’re not on that, you’re missing out—it’s seriously a game-changer.

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