Spice your love life up and Dance in foam at Scarlet Ranch

Spice your love life up and Dance in foam at Scarlet Ranch

A lifestyle club overview:

In Colorado and looking to spice or even switch things up? Head over to Scarlet Ranch located in Littleton, Colorado.

The Scarlet Ranch has been operating since 2003 and according to their site, they have over 85,000 people who have attended their events with an average of over 2,000 members who cum every week😉!

Now to start, I am not a lifestyle club guru- yet! – however, after going to many lifestyle parties, checking out resorts, and clubs such as Trapeze in Atlanta. I was truly surprised after walking through the doors at Scarlet Ranch. I will note that although there was not much diversity the night that I went, everyone from the member registration to the members there, were all very friendly.

This is a BYOB establishment so be sure to bring your favorite bottle to sip on throughout the evening.

The club offers different themes mostly each day of the week, but I chose to check out the foam party. Unfortunately, there is no pool but let me tell you, there is an outdoor dance party where the foam pours, and I was in my own world for a little while… I fell in love with this environment- being half naked (or naked) outside, with people dancing all around you, feeling the beat of the music from the speakers elevate your natural high from being able to feel and be yourself with no limit and no judgement.

Any-who, back to the overview- Scarlet Ranch is huge. Upon entry and paying your membership and or nightly fees, you can turn in your bottle to the bar. It is identified with a sticker that has your member number on it, which will match your bracelets given upon entry.

They do have mixers and sodas to go with what you bring but if you have a specific or special drink in mind, it would be best to bring the mixers or juice for it. After passing the bar, there is a dining room and bar top for the restaurant, a stage for live performances and a DJ booth. All of this by the way is on the first level.


On the second level, down the stairs, is the action area!

On one side, there is a Co-ed bathroom and massive shower, a little game room and cubbies for storage.

In the middle section, there are private rooms, and an attendant who ensures all the sheets are changed and keeps everything clean.

Now the other side is this big open area with lots of beds and tables for you to experience some of your wildest fantasies- with all eyes on you. You can only imagine the things you’ll see but if you are a performer or want people to join, this is the spot.

Back upstairs- outside, is big too!

There is a deck with seating and stairs that lead to the Tipi tent with a firepit, a volleyball court, cabanas that you can rent and “perform” in, there is also a stage which was where the foam party took place.

“Put on a show: They have cabanas that you can rent and perform in.”

Everyone seemed to really have a good time out here. (I think it even rained a little bit, but that didn’t stop anything or anyone.)

Overall, my only real disappointment was the restaurant, I tried the calamari and the chicken nachos. Neither one of the dishes were appetizing, the calamari was very overcooked, and the chicken nachos were flavorless.

Advice for newbies-

Be sure to check out the Scarlet Ranch site for membership fees, theme nights and special events.

· Be mindful if you bring any kind of bag or purse, since the lockers do not lock, you may have to walk around with your stuff. (You can try bringing a personal lock but I do not recall if you are able to actually use your own lock for the cubby.)

· Wear comfortable shoes- if wearing heels, bring a pair of comfortable shoes to change into. This is a big place; you will not feel cute stumbling around because your feet hurt.

· Eat a snack or light meal prior to your arrival- this will help with alcohol intake and if the food at the restaurant (you do have to pay, it is not buffet style) is not good that day.

· If you are a member on Kasidie.com, you can see members that have RSVP’D to theme nights here. Sign up with my link.

· Communication is key with your partner, make sure you both are on the same page and even if something goes awry, if you come together, you should leave together.

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