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Hedonism II Resort Review

Have you taken PTO yet?

Even if you have, I’ve got an interesting resort for you try, it’s tucked in the embrace of Negril’s Seven Mile Beach as an adults-only haven that entices you to partake in an experience, that’s both liberating and intimate.

Whether you’re a solo traveler seeking empowerment or a couple looking to rekindle the flames, Hedonism II offers what some may call a magical experience.

The Location of Hedonism II:

Hedonism II is located in Negril, Jamaica on the westernmost tip of Jamaica. It is known for its stunning beaches, laid-back vibe, and vibrant nightlife.

Other highlights of Negril, Jamaica include:

  • Seven Mile Beach: One of the most renowned attractions in Negril, this expansive stretch of white sand beach is dotted with palm trees, resorts, bars, and restaurants. The calm turquoise waters are ideal for swimming, snorkeling, and water sports.
  • West End Cliffs: This area is known for its dramatic rugged cliffs and offers some of the best sunset views on the island. Rick’s Café, situated here, is one of the most popular spots, where visitors can watch daredevils cliff-dive while sipping on a cocktail.
  • Lighthouse: Situated at the southernmost tip of the West End Cliffs, Negril’s Lighthouse is one of the town’s iconic landmarks.
  • Nature & Adventure: Beyond the beaches, Negril also offers opportunities for eco-tourism with places like the Royal Palm Reserve, which boasts over 300 species of plants and numerous birds.

Hedonism II is conveniently positioned to provide guests with direct access to the beach’s white sands and clear waters. The resort’s location is significant as it offers a perfect balance of seclusion for privacy and proximity to Negril’s attractions for those adventurous days out.

Overall, both Hedonism II and Negril encapsulate the spirit of Jamaica — a blend of relaxation, adventure, and cultural immersion. Whether you’re lounging on the beach, dancing to reggae beats, or exploring local cuisine, Negril and Hedonism II offer a rich tapestry of experiences.

The Setting of Hedonism II:

The resort splits between a ‘prude’ and a ‘nude’ side, this offers a unique choice and caters to the varied comfort levels of its guests .

I found this to be empowering since the resort promotes body positivity, self-love, and acceptance, letting you embrace your true self away from societal expectations. However, the clothing optional ‘prude’ side still allows you to enjoy the resort with your bathing suit or not.

Accommodations/Room at Hedonism II:

Now I’ma be honest, because for the money, I do think the rooms could use some updates however, the rooms are comfortable since most of day is outside them anyway.

They are designed with privacy in mind, making them perfect for solo travelers or couples. I loved the ambiance of being able to open the window and listen to the waves of the ocean from the bed.

Note: If staying on the ‘prude’ side, you may hear wedding celebrations and parties since there is a Sandals resort next door. You are allowed to walk over, there is a security checkpoint to leave the resort and walk to others.

Culinary Adventures at Hedonism II:

Did I mention this resort was all inclusive?

Couples will find romance in the gourmet dining experiences, some with candle-lit tables and aphrodisiac-inspired dishes. While on the other hand, solo travelers can indulge in communal dining, striking up conversations with fellow guests or enjoying a peaceful meal overlooking the beautiful ocean.

Hedonism II offers 4 restaurants that are available during your stay except Fridays.

  • Harrysan: Quick Summary- It was basically a Japanese (but Jamaican) Hibachi Style grill. I love Hibachi so I obviously tried this one first. Was it the same as one of my favorite Hibachi places? No, but that’s ok. I appreciated the experience and the effort from a resort with so many other restaurants.

  • Pastafari: Quick Summary- Did you guess this one was Italian (but Jamaican)? Yup, no need to say much more on this.
  • Flame: Quick Summary- Is a beachside one of a kind, Jamaican chop house experience. Great views of the ocean at this restaurant.
  • Dining Terrace: Quick Summary- Buffet American style food.

Hedonism also offers a snippet of Jamaican culture on Fridays with a true Jamaican feast on the beach. I think this was my favorite experience on the resort, especially if you don’t leave the resort. It gives you a chance to taste food from the staff’s perspective. Will it be the best Jamaican food in Jamaica. Nope! But again, that’s ok.

Let’s get into drinks at Hedo:

Hedonism offers top shelf drinks included as part of the all inclusive rate of your stay. With 5 fully stocked bars featuring brands such as Grey Goose, Tito’s, Patron and Crown Royal, you are sure to enjoy a well- needed mixology with a classic martini or a signature cocktail. If you’re in the mood for local, the local Red Stripe is available on tap as well their famous pina colada with a rum float.

My favorite drinks during the stay included Bob Marley shots and Green Apple Vodka Slushies to help cool me off in the heat.

My favorite culinary experience off the Hedonism II resort:

Take a private boat to Booby Cay island and get a taste of fresh grilled lobster. I don’t even have the words to express how good this fresh lobster was. There was even a tour guide that gave us a tour of the island for some great couple pics. Bring Cash!!!

Beware: Always stay keen of your surroundings, if something feels sketchy, it most likely is. Also there are lots of crawlies on the island, I think he advised they were called love bugs. Either way, pay attention to where you step!

Entertainment at Hedo:

Hedonism II’s themed nights offer an excellent opportunity for people to dress up, let loose, and make new friends. Couples, on the other hand, can enjoy the intimacy of dancing the night away or exploring the resort’s more private lounges.

The resort offers nightly entertainment, live music on some nights and even shows!

Also, be sure to check the Hedonism II website to see what groups will be there during the time you go. Don’t want to be there for the wrong surprise!

Activities at Hedo:

Hedonism II makes it easy to spend your days and nights swimming, playing, dancing and laughing.

There are 6 pools located throughout the property.

But if you’re ready to explore the ocean, indulge in a vast array of watersports ranging from sailing to PADI Scuba diving. From couples massages to solo yoga sessions on the beach, the activity roster caters to everyone. For the adventurous person, the scuba diving lessons or windsurfing might appeal. Or if you’re wanting a more relaxed stay, indulge in spa treatments, enjoy sunset catamaran rides, or simply chill out in one of the secluded hammocks or cabanas.

Blue Mahoe Spa:

The spa offers a sanctuary of self-care and rejuvenation. Couples can delve into couples massages or aromatherapy sessions, reigniting passion and connection.

Playroom/ Happening Hut:

Hedonism II allows you to explore and rediscover yourself in a safe environment.

I will note that this is a little different from other adult-only experiences that I’ve been to, because if you enter this room, you must be acting on your inhibitions.

Playing in the playroom at Hedonism II

This room is not to get a good view of others and you must participate, not necessarily with others unless that’s your prerogative. The Playroom is open to couples, single women and invited single men. All I’ma say is you’ve got to go to know!

Swinging at Hedonism II

Note that playroom guests are expected to respect the personal space of others and “play” only if invited to do so.

Additionally, there is also a small “Happening Hut” near the nude pool, which is open 24 hours, go there if you dare 😉!

The Verdict:

Hedonism II showed me that it isn’t just a vacation; it’s a journey of self-discovery and an intimate escape for couples. It celebrates individuality, connection, and joy.

Other Tips:

Pro tip for ladies: The resort organizes group excursions to local attractions. It’s a great way to explore Negril and make new friends.

For Couples: Consider booking a private beach dinner. The intimacy of the setting, with the Caribbean waves as your soundtrack, is bound to make it a night to remember.

Get off the resort for a day or night: If you can! Just be sure to be smart and wary of your surroundings, similar to how you would in the United States.

Embrace hedonistic pleasure and discover yourself, while taking some PTO!

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