How to Elevate Your Lisbon Experience: The Homeboat Edition

How to Elevate Your Lisbon Experience: The Homeboat Edition

If you’re seeking a unique and unforgettable vacation experience in Lisboa Portugal, try looking into a Homeboat adventure.

Houseboat in Lisbon on the Tagus River
One of the Homeboats

Don’t cut your bombastic side-eye at me 😂! I am a sucker for a unique outdoor experience that does not involve an outhouse – but did I really imagine that I would be spending a few nights on a Homeboat (or a “botel” with the Homeboat company)? Um, maybe, I mean I set it up right?

Just a little background on me: I am what you call a ‘hotel hopper”. I am not one to stay in the same location the whole trip. “I’m getting off that resort or I’m staying at another hotel.. if there’s time!”

While putting together my somewhat of an itinerary for Lisbon, the idea of not sleeping in a hotel or really just doing something different, occurred to me. I typed “Lisbon boat rentals” in my google search and down the rabbit hole I went. Finally, after passing by a few third party sites, I came across The Homeboat Company’s website. (They also have The Homeboat Company Albufeira.)

I felt as though the Homeboat Company resonated with me and the experience I was seeking. They are known to transform the concept of tourism by creating innovative accommodations that are great for the environment and for people. Their mission is to be lodging with an innovative profitable scale.

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Location & Accessibility: Lisboa Marina, Marina Parque das Nações , in Lisboa, Portugal

Not the best, accessibility-wise for wheelchairs and other rolling walking devices.

Category: Unique Stays – Boat (waterlodge apart xxl)

Key Features & Amenities: There are multiple Homeboats to choose from depending on the size you require. Access to most Homeboats include a bedroom, a full bathroom, and a terrace with a sun deck equipped to accommodate up to 4 people.

Other necessary amenities included are:

  • Air Conditioning-Heating
  • 28″ Smart TV with apps like Netflix and Youtube
  • Induction Kitchen with all necessary utensils for preparing meals
  • Refrigerator with freezer (came in handy)
  • 1 Double Bed, 1 double sofa bed. (some homeboats have 2 beds + 1 double sofa bed)
  • Bose Bluetooth Sound System
  • Complimentary use of Bicycles
  • Parking
  • Wi-Fi
  • Pet Friendly
  • Fresh linens/ towels

Price Range: I recommend checking their website for current pricing.

Stay Duration: Stayed for 3 nights, could have definitely stayed more if I hadn’t had to leave.

Room & Suite Details:

  • Comfort: Depending on the size Houseboat available or one chosen, the sizing may be limited or just a little spacious. Remember this is not a hotel room or an actual yacht, so overall, it is a cozy comfort, great for couples or friend get-togethers. The feeling of comfort can also differ depending on the amount of people on or sharing the boat at one time.
  • View: The views included other boats on the Marina and strip of restaurants and residences above.
Nightime views from homeboat

Dining Options: The Homeboat company does offer breakfast items for an additional fee. You are able to request if you would like that service through your booking.

If you do not bring food items to cook or throw on the grill, there are plenty of restaurants and bars in walking distance.

Homeboat Cookin’

Homeboat grillin’

Lobster Rice & Asparagus

The Homeboat company also offers complimentary bicycle(s) with your stay, so take advantage of riding in the Lisbon wind.

Connectivity & Tech: Wi-fi is available on the boat.

Service & Staff: The staff was warm and welcoming. We had a great check in process with Catalina, Marta, Angela, Lola and David.

🌟 Highlights:

  • Unique Experience: Staying on the water is a break from traditional hotel accommodations, it provided a unique opportunity to get outside the city and be among locals along the Marina.
  • Scenic Views: While The Homeboat Company has you docked on the Tagus River marina, this homeboat experience provided us with beautiful sunrises, sunsets, and views of Sealife along the river.
  • Proximity to Attractions: Despite being on the water, these homeboats are located about 15 minutes away from the downtown center via car and less than 10 minutes from the Lisbon airport. Other nearby attractions many of these accommodations are centrally located, offering easy access to popular tourist spots in Lisbon.
  • Oceanário de Lisboa (Lisbon Oceanarium): One of the largest indoor aquariums in the world, the Oceanarium showcases a vast array of marine species. Its central tank, which houses species from the global ocean, is a must-visit.

  • Pavilhão do Conhecimento (Science Museum): An interactive science and technology museum that’s especially great for families and children. It features numerous hands-on exhibits.

  • Cable Cars (Telecabine Lisboa): This gondola lift offers panoramic views of the Tagus River, the Vasco da Gama Bridge, and the entire Parque das Nações district.
  • Vasco da Gama Bridge: This is the longest bridge in Europe, stretching over 17 km. While it’s primarily a functional road bridge, its sheer scale and elegance make it a sight to behold, especially during sunrise or sunset.

  • Gardens and Public Art: The entire Parque das Nações area is brushed with some kind of art, water feature, and landscaped garden, making it perfect for a stroll.
  • Shopping at Centro Vasco da Gama: A major shopping center with a wide range of shops, eateries, and a multiplex cinema.

  • FIL – Feira Internacional de Lisboa: A large exhibition center that hosts various events, conferences, and trade shows throughout the year.

  • Boardwalk: The boardwalk along the Tagus in Parque das Nações is a great place for a stroll, offering views of the river, marina, and the modern architectural wonders of the area.

Tips for a Successful Unique Homeboat Stay

Pack Light and Smart: Remember space on a Homeboat can be limited, try to pack only what you need. Think about packing versatile clothing and essential toiletries. Depending on the size of your Homeboat, soft bags can be more manageable than many hard suitcases.

Footwear: Non-slip shoes are essential! Not just for the Houseboat, but really for Lisbon in general. The deck can get wet and slippery. Be sure to be aware and follow any procedures or policies applicable to your stay.

Motion Sickness: If you’re prone to motion sickness, bring along some motion sickness pills or patches. The Homeboats don’t move much, but you can still feel some motion especially as the tide changes throughout the day.

Safety First: Make sure you know what to do or at least who to call in an emergency situation. Familiarize yourself with the boat’s safety equipment and procedures when you arrive. This includes knowing the whereabouts of life jackets, fire extinguishers, and emergency exits.

Conserve Water: Water storage on boats can be limited. It’s a good idea to be conservative with water usage, especially when showering or doing dishes. For showers, the water only stays hot for a 10 to 15 minutes before needing time to reset. This can be a difficult adjustment for some, especially those with multiple people onboard, however the water heater tends to reset pretty quickly. Make sure yall are taking showers with a gameplan 😂.

Electricity: Be aware of the boat’s electrical capacity. Overloading the power can trip circuits. Again, as long as you are following the instructions during your stay, you should be fine.

Respect the Neighbors: Marinas are tight-knit communities. Keep your noise levels down, especially in the evening.

Stay Informed about the Weather: Bad weather can impact your stay, so keep an eye on local weather forecasts, especially if you plan to do activities on or off the boat.

MAIN TIP: Respect the Space: Remember that many homeboats are privately owned and can be personal spaces for the owners. Treat the boat with care and respect. The Homeboat Company has investment opportunities if you are interested in owning a Homeboat.

Overall, I highly recommend The Homeboat company for your next unique stay. Living that Homeboat life in Lisbon was a game-changer. Imagine San Diego city vibes meeting chill river ripples. Every sunset? Pure Instagram gold. And being rocked gently by the Tagus as the tide came and went? That’s my new lullaby. If you’re plotting a Lisbon adventure, level up with a Homeboat stay. It’s not just a sleep spot, it’s an entire mood and completely worth it. 🌊🛥️🌅 #FloatingDreams

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