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Your eyes are about as wide as the landscape mode of a phone screen right now.

“Lifestyle, Torrie? What is this about??”

Let me introduce you to a world I know full of freedom and self-discovery, where you can experience the best of both worlds: adult-only resorts and take advantage of your PTO whether paid or personal.

What even is the meaning of lifestyle?

The term “lifestyle” can have various meanings and interpretations, and it is not limited to any specific context, such as the swinger lifestyle. I appreciate the experience of traveling to adult-only locations for the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, or to simply enjoy a more peaceful and adult-oriented atmosphere.

Alright, so what are getting to here?

We are really emphasizing Adult-only locations and how they often provide an escape from the daily routines and responsibilities, whether it’s a couples-only resort, a clothing-optional beach, or a wellness retreat, these destinations offer a unique and enjoyable experience for those seeking a different kind of vacation.

Traveling to adult-only locations is a personal choice that allows individuals to explore new horizons, indulge in a more mature atmosphere, and create lasting memories in an environment designed to cater to their preferences. Embracing such travel experiences can provide an opportunity for personal growth, self-discovery, and an enriched appreciation for diverse lifestyles and vacation choices.

The key is to approach these experiences with an open mind, respect for others, and a commitment to self-care. Enjoy your travels to adult-only locations and embrace the freedom to explore the world according to your unique preferences and interests.

Embrace a lifestyle that combines the best of relaxation and adventure. Adult-only resorts offer a safe haven for self-discovery, while taking PTO to allow you to nurture your well-being and explore new horizons.

Join us on a journey of freedom and balance as you create lasting memories and forge meaningful connections.

Book your escape today or let me help your adventure begin!


Cancun, Mexico:

Temptation Cancun Resort, is located in the heart of Cancun’s Hotel Zone. This is a vibrant and energetic adults-only resort known for its fun-filled, party-centric atmosphere. It caters to singles and couples looking for a lively vacation experience with topless areas, themed parties, entertainment, and social activities designed to encourage guests to mingle and enjoy an open-minded environment.

I have been here and I highly recommend for a once in a lifetime experience in Mexico. Check out

Miches, Dominican Republic:

Temptation Miches Resort, located in the pristine Miches region of the Dominican Republic. Unfortunately, when I tried to come here for the opening back in October 2022, there was a hurricane that delayed the opening. Although the resort is open fully now, I still have not had the chance to get the details on it yet. Stay tuned for updates!

Hedonism II

Negril, Jamaica

The Hedonism Resort, specifically Hedonism II, is an iconic all-inclusive adult-only resort located in Negril, Jamaica. It is a renowned destination that caters to individuals and couples seeking a liberating and indulgent experience in a beautiful tropical setting.

I have been here and I actually had a great time. Check out the Hedonism II Resort review.

Hedonism II Resort Negril, Jamaica


Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort

The Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort is an exclusive adults-only resort located in the stunning Riviera Maya region of Mexico. It is a luxurious and sensual destination designed for couples who want to embrace freedom, sensuality, and open-mindedness in a beautiful tropical setting.

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