Is Urban Egg the best breakfast in America?

Is Urban Egg the best breakfast in America?

A Foodie Review.

Is breakfast your favorite meal of the day? For me, that’s a yes. I can have breakfast for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner!

Since I am such a breakfast person, I was told to check out Urban Egg, located in the heart of Cherry Creek in Denver. My first piece of advice upon walking in is to make sure you set a reservation, especially on Sundays, if you are not one that enjoys having to wait.

Sure, I made a reservation, but there’s something about bar seating that resonates with my soul. It feels like the heartbeat of any eatery. The bar seating is first come first serve so, after a slightly annoying but worth-it wait of about 25 minutes, I snagged a spot at the bar. I wasn’t the only one with this idea. Even with tables open and ready, some patrons (yours truly included) preferred the allure of the bar.

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Urban Egg Drinks

Yes, this breakfast place serves, breakfast drinks! I loved being able to look in my bartenders in the eyes while they perfectly pour my espresso martini. No, that’s not weird, right? I just meant that there’s an intimate charm in watching a bartender craft a drink right before your eyes and Urban Egg made sure I came to play serving up breakfast beverages that kickstart the day with a punch!

The way my bartender meticulously mixed my ESPRESSO MARTINI was a sight. That delightful blend of Vodka, Kahlua, and Espresso had me at the first sip, as usual. I also couldn’t resist a tasting their other staff adult favorites like the Classic Mimosa, the Maui Waui Mimosa, and their Back to Bed Cold Brew, which was a nice mix that’ll either wake you all the way up or send you back to bed dreaming. (There was a limit on two of those, so there is a potential for both to occur).


Urban Egg Espresso Martini

Vodka shaken with Kahlua and Espresso

Perfectly poured and just the right amount of ingredients to give you a nice wake-up buzz.


Urban Egg Maui Waui

House Pineapple infused with Vodka, a splash of OJ and Prosecco


Urban Egg

Vodka, Rum, Tequila, and Bailey’s Kahlua shaken with Cold Brew and a dash of Cinnamon

Overall, the drinks were on point, they were perfect pours and they complemented the food and atmosphere well.

Urban Egg Food

Urban Egg boasts quite an impressive spread. Pancakes, waffles, french toast egg benedicts, omelets, gourmet sandwiches, fresh juice blends… the list went on, making the choice all the more challenging. I truly felt like a kid in a breakfast candy store.

The favorite entree among the people at the bar was to try the Breakfast Burrito covered with both the red and green chili. However, I am not a breakfast burrito person, so I did not try it. But, the insistence from others made me note it for a possible next visit.

What I ordered:

Award-winning buttermilk biscuit & sage sausage gravy:

Cinnamon swirl pancakes:

Chicken & the egg:

3 Eggs your style:

Other dishes that were rated highly by locals included:

  • Breakfast Burrito smothered with both green and red chili
  • Rocky Mountain Corned Beef Hash
  • Chicken and waffles
  • Pancake Flight

Overview of the Urban Egg Experience

All in all, this my first experience here and Urban Egg gave me a memorable morning/ afternoon. Is it the best breakfast in America? I can’t say it is, but for Denver, it is pretty good. The food wasn’t perfect due to mostly lack of seasoning or quality of the meat, but it was an experience worth having, and probably repeating. The service from everyone in the establishment was awesome from the General Manager, to the bartenders, to the servers. Everyone really tried to ensure all the customers were satisfied with their meals.

My favorite dish were the Cinnamon Pancakes, even without the syrup, the pancakes could be enjoyed.

My least favorite dish was the ‘3 Eggs Your Style’ breakfast, it came with a protein – I opted for the sausage. Alongside were some golden hash browns and a biscuit. I was advised by the regulars at the bar to try the bacon jam, so I ordered a side of the bacon jam to spread on the biscuit for some added “oomph”!

Unfortunately, as good as the plate looked, I was not a fan of the sausage, it didn’t resonate with my palate – it felt somewhat dry with a lingering aftertaste that wasn’t my favorite. I will note that the famous award winning biscuit, while hearty and filling, truly came alive with the savory touch of the bacon jam. As for those hash browns? Perfection. And the eggs, light, fluffy, and generously infused with cheese, rounded off the meal beautifully.

For those in or visiting Cherry Creek, Urban Egg should make your breakfast or brunch bucket list. Just remember that reservation and maybe give that smothered Breakfast Burrito a try!

Other cons: Limited parking, long wait times even during the week (book a reservation).

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