Is Pier 8 the best seafood in Arvada?


If you are looking for seafood but realized it’s not the easiest quest, since you are miles away from the closest coastline, look no further, because just 24 mins away from Denver Airport is Pier 8.


It’s right off the highway so you don’t have to go far, nestled in the charming town of Arvada, Colorado. Now when you think of Arvada, seafood isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But for those in the know, you know…

Pier 8 Drinks

Starting off with those drinks. Shoutout to Jason, behind the bar.

The man’s mixing skills? Phenomenal!

Ever had a Peanut Butter and Jelly Old Fashioned? Sounds wild, but it was childhood in a sophisticated sip. And the throwback to the 90s, but make it classy, Hurricane Kool-Aid Jammer? Like DJ Khaled, you’ll want another one and another one.

Pier 8 Food

Now, let’s get to the real deal. The food. Now what caught my attention at the door, was the All-you-can-eat seafood for $59.95. This deal was per person, but since the menu is so expansive, I think it was completely worth it.


I tried the crispy, juicy Lemon Pepper Wings – they’re crispy, zesty and flavorful. They came dressed with celery and 3 different dipping sauces – Bleu cheese, Ranch and Cajun Ranch.

Po’ Boys

Next was the shrimp po’boy and loaded crab fries. I mean don’t get me started because these were a whole mood! Every bite was a mini trip to New Orleans and maybe I should take my butt to New Orleans for a quick reminder- LOL 🤤


If you like soups- Pier 8 has em’! From Clam chowder to Lobster Bisque. Honestly, felt like I teleported to the East Coast or something, maybe even Oregon.


I have to mention the calamari. Game-changer, I’ve been so let down by fancy restaurants and their frozen calamari that when I tasted this, my heart skipped a beat. It’s crispy without being greasy, and the garlic butter I had with it could’ve been appraised as basically liquid gold.

Seafood Boils

Now of course the seafood restaurant is gonna come through with the boils!

After trying all the other great food, I went with crab, sausage, potato and corn boil.

Let me tell you!! I was so surprised at how something so simple, was soo good! (Did I mention, that everything I mentioned was all apart of the ALL YOU CAN EAT?)

Seafood Boil


Now, let’s talk details.. The fact that they fly their seafood straight from places like Seattle and Louisiana, means you are getting quality and freshness from both the west and the east coast 🙌.

On another note, Props to Pier 8 for also giving back. They have this F*Cancer beer, and 10% of its sales go to Cancer Research. So, while you sip, you can support a cause at the same time. That’s big points in my book and I’m sure others!


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The spot may be a bit outside of Denver, but it’s worth the trip. Like, it’s only 24 mins from the DIA airport. If you’re landing or live nearby and craving seafood, you know where to head.

Wrapping it up, Pier 8 is the whole package, is it the best seafood in Arvada? Ima say yes! The chill vibes, bomb drinks, top-tier service, and seafood legit make you question if you are even in Colorado. I mean, I’m low-key planning my next visit while typing this! It’s that good.

Fave dish? Crab Loaded Fries

Fave Drink? Mango Margarita, Watermelon Margarita

Other: Plenty of seating, plenty of parking (nothing stopping you, but you, take time for you with some quality food!)

Be sure to check out the Denver page for All things Denver!

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