How to truly experience Beer Spa Bliss in Denver?

How to truly experience Beer Spa Bliss in Denver?

Take time for you and experience beer spa bliss at The Beer Spa in Denver!

beer spa front

You have had a long few weeks, imagine you sipping on a crisp locally-brewed beer or if you aren’t into beer, a bubbly refreshing cider or even a tumbler of cold wine, WHILE getting that spa glow-up.

PTO or not, you’ve gotta check out this spot! In this constant hustle and grind culture of today’s society, sometimes we just gotta hit pause for ourselves, mental health is not only a thing, it is the THE thing to do for yourself. We all deserve to chill, relax, and just treat ourselves. The Beer Spa, with its mix of relaxation and a dash of hops, is pretty much the way to take a day off but make it a lil’ bougie!

First, let’s just vibe with the concept: Brew-inspired spa packages, talk about a unique spa experience! We’re talking beer baths, infrared saunas, and zero-gravity massage chairs. Nothing average about this place, at all!

Beer Spa Room Therapy

After getting situated with your drink, once your appointment time is ready, you are walked to your room equipped with a tub to hold 2 people (comfortably), an infrared sauna and a shower. The staff walk through the best method for the benefits and time to do each and when to do them but typically, I start by jumping in the tub.

After wading in the hop bubbles, I hop out to enjoy the sauna as long as I can, then intermittently go back and forth until the timer runs out.

infrared sauna
infrared sauna

The rooms are spacious and private, but they have some rooms where you can book events and expand the rooms with a garage door, to have a party of 3 to 4 people.

After the sauna and hot tub combo, my last stop in the room is the shower to wash with the hops and barley bag used to fill the soaking tub. They also provide other beer infused products like shampoo, body wash and conditioner for use in the shower.

Relaxation Lounge for Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

Now you don’t have to go in that specific order, but after all that, I checked out the zero gravity massage chairs. They are located in the Relaxation Lounge, which is a different room, that allows you to take a trip to “space” while you enjoy your Zero Gravity Massage treatment.

Their chairs are high quality, and they massage from your head to your feet.

You can choose between a 15 or 30-minute session. The 15-minute massage treatment offers a deep relaxation and full-body massage. The 30-minute massage treatment offers a full-body massage and a stretching massage that re-energizes the body.

Was it better than an actual massage from a masseuse? To me, no. But to be honest, it was really relaxing, so I would recommend checking it out, if you have the time to.

Deets or Details

Their beer baths are like hot tubs of water infused with hops, malt, and some bomb medicinal herbs. And before you go, “Now Torrie, why?”, let me hit you with some facts. Are beer baths good for you?

Now, here’s the tea (or should I say, beer) on the beer baths.

Hops are the cone-shaped flowers used primarily in brewing beer, have been traditionally used in herbal medicine for various health benefits. They contain a range of bioactive compounds, such as essential oils, polyphenols, and flavonoids. Meaning that hops are giving moment of zen energy – they’re calming and have anti-aging properties, great for the skin.

And barley? That stuff is packed with all the goodness – antioxidants, vitamins, the works. Your skin, hair, and nails are gonna thank you. Barley has many benefits for digestive fiber, its high in vitamins and minerals, it has powerful antioxidant properties which are responsible for aging and various diseases. Other skin benefits of barley include hydration, brightening, anti-aging, promotes hair and nail health and contains bioactive compounds that might have anti-inflammatory effects, which can be beneficial both when consumed and when applied topically. Basically, it’s not just a bath; it’s a beauty ritual with a brewed twist. 😌🍺

The Staff

Shoutout to the staff, though! They were awesome and truly helped the magic of enjoying this experience. After starting off with warm welcomes, they give you the lowdown on how the beer’s main ingredients, hops and malted barley, and lead you over to the on-site taproom with everything – local craft beer, wine, cider, and if you’re feeling it, snacks too.

Beer Spa Tumbler

Time Needed

I and most guests enjoy the spa between 2.5 to 3 hours, but the real win is that there’s no time cap. You wanna hang? Cool. You wanna chill and have some more sips after your treatment? That’s cool too. But pro tip: check in like 30 mins before your therapy time slot. This helps to ensure you are settled before enjoying your experience with the different drinks, and so your therapy does not feel rushed. Trust me; you’ll want to soak in the entire experience.


Overall, The Beer Spa is where relaxation meets craft brews. It’s not just another spa day; it’s a unique experience. So next time you’re feeling the burnout creeping in, or just wanna try something new, head to The Beer Spa. Chill, soak, sip, repeat, and always remember to take some time for you whether paid or personal, because you’re worth it!

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To book your treatment at The Beer Spa, check out this link!

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