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Trapeze: Lifestyle Club Review Atlanta, GA

I have got a place to try-

Now before you continue, I must note- this club is not for everyone or everybody!

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Trapeze Atlanta is noted for being a “swingers club” in Atlanta, GA. If you are not familiar with what a swinger is, I’ll fill you in- A “swinger” is a person or couple who engage in group sex or the swapping of sexual partners. NOW before you say something like “Oh hell no!”

Hear me out!

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“Swingers” believe in a polyamorous or non-monogamous lifestyle. They enjoy the freedom of fulfilling their desires and lifestyle clubs/events allow them to be who they are, with who they love.

Now, back to TRAPEZE

Although Trapeze is a swinger club, you do not have to be a swinger to experience this club.


There are many members who come to Trapeze to watch or even put on a show but don’t actually partake in swapping partners. For single women, it is easy to find the right person or couple because they are very lenient on single women visiting the club vs single men. See current pricing for single memberships below and you can see what I am talking about.

Single Memberships at Trapeze
Single Memberships at Trapeze

With the memberships and nightly user fees, it remains pretty exclusive. Both single women and couples may attend nightly events beginning at 8 p.m. at Trapeze but, attendance by single gentlemen is limited to Wednesday through Friday & Sunday.

What all can you do?

  • Theme Nights: Trapeze has nightly events. My favorite is Halloween because you have the costume party and best costumes can win money.
Photo credit @trapezeclubofficial
Photo credit @trapezeclubofficial
  • Drink: Trapeze is BYOB which means you can bring your own bottle. You do have to check the bottle(s) in but anytime you want a drink, you go to the bar and give them your member number so they can fix your drink.
  • Food: Trapeze serves an upscale type buffet, the menu changes daily but there is usually a variety of Chef cuts from pork, fish, chicken and beef.
  • Dance: The dance floor is located centrally in the club with mirrors and a pole. There are multiple TVs that are situated around the club showing adult (XXX) movies.
  • The Back: Once you are ready, you can head to the play area (after changing out of your street clothes), it accommodates both couples and singles while further back is supposed to be the couples only area. Note: street clothes are NOT allowed in the back room. You don’t have to walk around naked though, towels are available for use or you can wear your lingerie. There are lockers available for changing and housing your clothes and whatever else you may have brought that needs to be stored.

My tips:


I enjoy lifestyle clubs, hotels and events because they allow you to be who you are. Judgement goes out the window and you are free to feel sexy in your own skin, dance to your own rhythm, and do what makes you happy.

First time going?

As a couple:


  • Remember No means “no.”
  • Use common sense and good judgment when involved in a situation.
  • Communication is key.
  • Make sure to follow the playground rules and know the dress code.

What should you bring?

  • Protection- Always be sure to protect yourselves.
  • A little freshen up bag- Toiletries, soap, wash cloth/baby wipes, deodorant, mouth wash, etc., Unfortunately, the club does not provide any things to freshen up but after dancing and partaking in any other activities, it is best to take care of your hygiene.
  • If you wear heels and you do not plan on wearing them all night, be sure to bring some flats or some other shoes that you will feel comfortable walking around in. I do not suggest walking around barefoot.
  • Dress for theme nights, sometimes you get discounts on the nightly fee, if you match the theme!
  • BYOB- If you do not want to drink liquor straight, bring a chaser as well. They do serve water and sodas but if you want special drinks with certain products, you should bring them. Note: Be sure to tip your bartenders!


  • Waffle House- Late night food
  • The official hotel for Trapeze- The County Inn and Suites
  • Strip Clubs- Club Wax and Club Babes
  • Starship- Adult entertainment store

Have you been to Trapeze or are you considering going? Let me know. I want to hear about your experience!

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