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My name is Torrie, and I have been traveling since before I could even walk. Most of my travels have been within the United States, but since 2020, I have been expanding my international travel list!

Where it all began…

Mom & I

I was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and as a little girl, I had big dreams of exploring the world outside of Georgia. Also, going on trips with my dad, who was a truck driver, helped me realize at a young age that there is so much to explore. However, my family never really discussed other countries or experiencing new things.

“As a person of color, I empathize with the generational stigmas associated with the ability to enjoy travel, and even the opportunity to travel, particularly when juggling the responsibilities of maintaining a roof over your head, nurturing relationships, and striving for success in your career.”

Why The PTO Networker?

The PTO Networker refers to an individual who embraces the concept of “PTO” (Paid or Personal Time Off) or taking time off from work to prioritize their personal well-being by travel, culinary and lifestyle experiences.

Why stay connected to The PTO Networker blog?

The PTO Networker blog is an effective resource to inspire and enlighten you on the importance of using your PTO, whether paid or personal time off with experiences for self care.

What actually is PTO?

I will always start with the textbook definition before I go into a spiel about a word. PTO essentially stands for Paid Time Off, indicating vacation or personal leave time granted by an employee’s employers.

However, The PTO Networker’s definition applies PTO in more than that way…

To me, PTO represents time taken for us, regardless of our employment status, to maximize our potential or even unlock the untapped potential within ourselves, ignite our passions, and embrace a vibrant and balanced life of fulfillment and joy that transcends the boundaries of work.

In a world that often glorifies busy schedules and workaholic tendencies, “The PTO Networker” is an advocate for the importance of slowing down, disconnecting from work-related stress, and focusing on self-renewal through travel.

My mission is to empower individuals like you and I, to make the most of our PTO, fostering a healthy work-life balance and enhancing overall happiness within ourselves.

By being a part of The PTO Network, you are taking an important step towards prioritizing your well-being and productivity. We need time to decompress whether its from work, daily responsibilities or other people.

Being a part of The PTO Network means joining a community that understands the importance of taking time off, expanding your experiences and exploring the world. It means recognizing that work doesn’t have to consume our entire existence. It’s about tapping into the transformative power of travel and unleashing a world of benefits.

PTO can mean whatever time you want it to, as long as it’s yours!!

I am proud of The PTO Networker, it was created to not only share my experiences and inspire others, but also to become a valuable resource for those seeking guidance on where to go when on PTO.

I truly believe that taking time for yourself is crucial for personal growth, rejuvenation, and maintaining peak performance in your professional life.


What is Codetorr?

Codetorr (pronounced like Couture or code torr) LLC is the founding company of The PTO Network and The PTO Networker.

“I provide content that shows you have the power to make anything possible when you set your mind to it.”


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